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Laser Hair Removal Omaha

Are you ready to experience the newest hair removal technique? If so let me welcome you to Laser Hair Removal Omaha. We are leading the way in permanent hair removal in Omaha Ne and surrounding areas.

Laser hair removal is a safe and permanent alternative to standard removal methods such as shaving and waxing. And has no painful side effects such as razor burn or terrible ingrown hairs. Laser hair removal can be performed practically anywhere on the body making it the leading technique in the world for hair removal.

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About Laser Hair Removal Omaha

At Laser Hair Removal Omaha our mission is to provide you with the best Hair removal results Omaha Ne has to offer. We are committed to our patients and giving you an enjoyable and relaxing experience during your treatment.

We have designed our offices to make you feel like you are at a five-star spa because after all the painful and tedious grooming you have had its time to sit back and relax.

Our technicians all receive continued education so that they can provide you with the latest and greatest techniques. Our Dual Accento laser machine is top of the line and provides the most precise and delicate procedure with this device we can achieve our goal of a pain-free treatment.

We are best known for the astonishing results we achieve for our patients. The Dual Accento machine is completely customizable for each procedure and has a broad range of settings to match the treatment area we are doing. For example, we can expand the lasers to match a back treatment or focus the lasers on a small site such as the upper lip.

We make sure to customize a treatment plan for each patient outlining how many treats, the price, and what areas we will complete in each appointment. We are excited to get started on your personalized plan and give you a relaxing tranquil experience.

Why Choose Us For Laser Hair Removal Omaha?

So why choose Laser Hair Removal Omaha for your permanent hair removal needs? Our patients choose us because we offer remarkable results using our Dual Accento machine.

We have helped hundreds of men and women throughout the years feel confident and beautiful. Our goal is to achieve the results you have always dreamed of.

We are passionate about making this amazing service available to everybody by offering specials and amazing packages for treatments.

We want to change the way that you look at hair removal. It does not need to be an endless task or painful experience.

With us, you will be in a relaxing atmosphere with people who are respectful and extremely knowledgeable about the hair removal process.

Our technicians receive continued education and training on the newest techniques and devices to guarantee you get the very best treatment.

It is important to us :

  • Offer free consultations so you can feel comfortable and confident in your decision to choose us.ere
  • Provide a pain-free and relaxing treatment
  • Create a personalized treatment plan that meets your goals
  • Offer affordable treatment options
  • Treat our patients with the very best hair removal devices

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Free consultation

All the laser hair removal services you need. One convenient location. We has the best hair removal services in Omaha and surrounding areas. Contact us to book your free consultation!

What To Expect From Your Treatment?

We not only offer remarkable results, but also offer you a relaxing and enjoyable treatment process, you are paying for a service from us which does not mean that we strictly do that service and move on to the next.

We want to provide you with something special, something you look forward to every 6 weeks, an experience you crave. You live a busy life, may it be taking care of kids or working long hours, use the time with us to lay back and breathe.

We are here to serve you, let your time with us be your time, your girl time, your time to just breathe deep and enjoy. We will start with your free consultation. This time is important to us, we want to get to know our patients, and your hair removal goals. We will tour the office with you and introduce you to the staff. We show you our amazing laser device and demonstrate how it works.

You will be able to ask any questions you have and we will also be going over cost options.

Before your first appointment, we ask that you stop any waxing on the area we will be treated, giving the hair time to regrow. We also ask you to stop tanning 1 week prior as this affects the color of the hair which can change your results.

On the day of your first appointment, we will begin by adjusting the machine to make you comfortable and perform a test patch to make sure the setting is right and get you used to the feeling. Depending on your treatment area your session can last anywhere between 15-60 minutes. You should be comfortable and relaxed during your treatment.

After we need to wait about 6 weeks before your next appointment to let the hair that was not visible at the first appointment to grow. You may continue with your normal day to day activities right after your treatment.

Our Services

We use the very best laser removal technology. Our Dual Accento device is top of the line and can provide laser treatments anywhere on the body with the exception of the eyebrows. For your permanent eyebrow hair removal, we have our electrolysis treatment. Throughout your service you will be completely comfortable with our Chill tip device which works to numb the area as the laser pulses hit the hair, canceling out any heat.if you are looking for Electrolysis Omaha Ne treatments or laser hair removal Omaha Ne treatments then Check out our services below to see what treatment will work for you.

omaha electrolysis

Electrolysis Hair Removal

We offer Electrolysis Omaha Ne services which are another amazing and permanent hair removal option. This method uses a very fine and delicate probe which is inserted into the hair follicles one at a time, heat energy is sent through the probe and the hair follicle is demolished for good.

omaha leg laser hair removal and omaha arm laser hair removal

Leg/Arm Laser Hair Removal

Arm and leg hair removal is a great option for those who desire the freedom of silky smooth legs all year long.

The treatment is one of the most comfortable areas and with our adjustable lasers, we are about to complete treatment in under 45 minutes.

omaha brazilian laser hair removal and omaha bikini line hair removal

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

We offer either Brazilian treatment or Bikini line removal which will remove all the hair outside the panty line and a few inches down the leg.

Our Brazilian treatment will remove all hair in the pubic area. This will give you permanent smooth healthy skin.

omaha facial laser hair removal

Facial Laser Hair Removal

Facial hair treatments are extremely popular, they are gentle and easily removed because typically there is not much facial hair to remove but enough to drive you crazy.

Areas include Hairline, neckline, upper lip, sideburns, beard, cheeks, and chin. All of which can be completed on a lunch break from work.

omaha under arm laser hair removal

Underarm Laser Hair Removal

Underarm treatment is a very common request among women, shaving daily can become exhausting, or having to keep those arms tucked down because you forgot to shave can feel frustrating, underarm treatment will make you feel free and confident anywhere.

This treatment can also help with excessive odor and sweat, this is because we are removing the hair follicle which can grab on to those odors and cause them to linger.

omaha chest laser hair removal and omaha back laser hair removal

Chest/Back Laser Hair Removal

Chest or back hair is a great option for men who feel frustrated at the amount of hair they have in these areas, or maybe the hair is growing uneven or patchy, we are able to permanently remove this hair with minimal discomfort.

Treatment time is usually 60 minutes or less.


I have been going to them for years for treatments all over my body. My legs, Bikini, and my underarms. They are the most reasonably priced hair removal company I have found in the area. I do the package deals which offer 1 treatment free. Each appointment is less than my waxing appointments!

Callie G.

I am newer to the area and was receiving treatment in LA. I am so glad I found an Omaha laser hair removal clinic that I love, it has the same feel as my place in LA. the office is beautiful and the girls are all so kind. They are extremely

Ariana B.

I am so happy with my results from Laser Hair Removal Omaha. They made it painless and enjoyable. I was surprised at how much this changed my life. You get so used to shaving every other day that the fact that I don’t have to do that is strange. They have completely removed all my leg hair. I was very happy that I didn’t have any downtime or side effects.

Whitney R.

About Omaha Nebraska

Omaha Nebraska sits right along the Missouri River using the curves and crevices to outline the city. Obama might come from pioneer backgrounds but this thriving and bustling city is far from its roots.

Over the past several years Omahma has transformed its city center with glamorous skyscrapers and architecture. Which can be seen in full glory by walking the Bob Kerry pedestrian bridge which is one of the longest ever built.

With Spas, shopping, and fine dining at your fingertips, the adventurous residents run to the trails, biking, skiing, and hiking. With a growing population of 835,000, Omaha is truly spectacular.

Surrounding cities:

  • Lincoln
  • Bellevue
  • Papillion
  • Fremont
  • Columbus
  • La Vista
  • All Surrounding Areas..


Is Laser hair removal painful?

Laser hair removal can cause minor discomfort during the procedure, but most say that it is not a painful experience. Most do not need numbing cream although numbing cream will be available

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments is dependent upon the area on the body, the volume of hair, the texture, skin type, and hair type/color that is being removed. During your free consultation, we will go over how many treats we think are needed after an examination. It can be anywhere from 1-6 sessions

How much does laser hair removal cost?

The cost will differ depending on the size of the area being treated and how many sessions you will need to achieve the level of removal you desire.

Is there any downtime after laser hair removal?

There is no post-treatment downtime required. Which is why laser hair removal is a great option for those with busy lives.

Will it work for my skin/ hair color?

Laser hair removal will work on almost all skin variations and hair types. Different methods and devices are used such as the Diode device is often used on lighter to dark variations of skin and hair. While the IPL is best for grey, red, or fair blonde.

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If you are ready to receive permanent hair removal results and are looking for an Omaha Laser hair removal company then we are the best choice for you.

We offer incredible results with affordable package options and specials. Our mission is to provide you with a spa-like experience, a time where you can lay back a breath, relieve the stress of the day while we gently and comfortably remove your unwanted hair permanently.

Our appointments fill up fast so hurry now and contact our office to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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